Executive leaders like myself often feel that our experiences have given us 20/20 vision. Working with Jean has given me x-ray vision!  Now I can see through things and others, including myself, that I could never have seen before on my own.

Cheryl Hayek, President, LPF Services, Provost Emerita (GU), and DEAC Commissioner

“What did I get from working with Jean? Personal and professional powerI have become more focused on what is important and more fearless in all things. I am actually having fun as I take bigger and bigger steps. I can’t stop smiling!”

Kristen Mainzer, Vice President, Discovery Communications

Jean really helped me identify areas where I needed the most improvement, and worked with me to develop strategies and milestones for addressing them.  As a result, I made difficult decisions that were a long time coming but necessary for the growth of my company. Now I am keeping my eye on the prize with outstanding results.  Jean truly is a phenomenal coach!  


Cait von Schnetlage, CEO, Full Suite Solutions

Jean has helped me figure out new and effective ways to approach challenges. Not only has her feedback helped me move forward in my career, it has also enhanced my contributions to the organization.

Marcia Asquith, Executive Vice President, Board and External Relations, FINRA

Working with Jean was the best decision I’ve made for myself in at least the past decade. My life was like a fancy gourmet kitchen with nice appliances and nifty tools, but no meals were being served – I was starving! Jean connected me to my path and got me cooking. Now I’m making my life happen, rather than life happening to me.

Amy McDougal, President, CLEAResources, LLC

I thought all was lost before I began working with Jean. Now I have my confidence back, and I am my own champion. Working with Jean is my best professional decision!

Lauren Jenkins, Principle, Offit Kurman, P.A.

Jean is that mentor all of us wish we had at our workplace. She saw my unique strengths and challenged me to build on them rather than stay complacent. Like a good sports coach, she made me practice until the moves have become second nature. Now there is no hesitation to take advantage of opportunities that bring me closer to what I want. Jean is a force!

Bronwyn Bailey, PhD., Private Equity Growth Capital

After years of being goal oriented, I found that I had lost my way. I hired Jean to help me get back on track. I’m not only back on track – I’ve found my passion and my voice, and I am moving forward toward my dream job!

Jennifer McKinney, Program Manager, USO

Every coaching session I have with Jean results in the same thing: new insights, fresh perspective and me giving voice to what an amazing person I truly am. Next thing I know, I have stepped out of my own way and moved into action. No one else in my life can do that for me.

Jane Maliszewski, President and Founder,Vault Associates

For the first time in my 25 year career, I have a path forward that is fully aligned with my personal objectives. Working with Jean flipped my thinking and I have discovered an alternative career path that I had never contemplated. I was always working for the job before – now, the job is working for me.

Jennifer Fordham, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Natural Gas Supply Association

Jean has an uncanny ability to get me “un-stuck” and rediscover momentum. I’ve turned to her in both my past corporate career and my new consulting practice because I know that everything with Jean is actionable and inevitably yields results. Our most recent work has empowered me yet again in a way I never thought possible!

Janice Cunningham, Connected Health & Mobile Engagement Consultant

Jean is an extremely effective listener. She hears what you say, how you say it and notices what you don’t say. This skill gives her deadly accurate insights which she pairs with creative guidance to help her clients build confidence, discover their calling and achieve their goals. I would highly recommend her to any female executive searching for more fulfillment in her career.

Vicki Warker, VP Marketing, O3B Networks

While I’ve run a successful business for over 14 years, I felt that I needed help to take myself and the business to the next levels of accomplishment. I hired Jean as an Executive Coach to help me improve my leadership abilities. I noticed results immediately. But just as impressive is that my colleagues and family also saw the positive impact.

Sue Evans, CEO, Evans Incorporated

Jean helped me recognize my strengths and gain confidence. I’ve stayed focused and have now achieved career advancement. More women need to ask for and use what Jean provides. She is an upbeat, positive and effective force for women in business here in the National Capital Region.

Ellen Murray Howe, Vice President Marketing, VidSys, Inc.

I hired Jean to help me figure out how to identify and move past the barriers that had been keeping me from moving into executive management. From our first meeting, without telling Jean much about my experience, she was able to describe to a “T” what I had been experiencing in my career growth. I had expected to learn about things like image and presentation, what questions to ask to make the best of a networking opportunity. However, what I learned is how to be successful and to change my perspective so that I could see my environment through a different lens. I learned to change my model for getting what I wanted out of my career and it is paying off. I have since taken a position as Chief Engineer and am a member of the Board of Directors for a small business. My career is on a new path and things are moving in the direction I have been seeking for a long time.

Lori DeLorenzo, Vice President of Operations, Human Solutions, Inc.

At the mid-point in my coaching program with Jean I was already seeing results in my professional life, results which I thought would take a couple of years. The velocity with which things have happened for me has been mind-boggling. Jean’s coaching is one of the most effective programs I have ever experienced. Because of it I have pushed boundaries and recognized the power I have to create my new reality. I have transformed my career path!

Yasmin Saadat, Chief Investment Officer Product Lead-Commodity Finance at IFC

When someone first suggested I get a coach, I was hesitant. I wasn’t convinced that a coach could really help me move my career to the next level. But, after working with Jean, I find that I am consistently focused on the results I want in my career. I feel more productive at work and more content in the rest of my life. My boss sees a difference but more importantly – I see a difference in myself and the way I approach things. The last time I wanted to accelerate my career, I went to graduate school – every Saturday for eighteen months. My time with Jean has been a much smaller investment and I honestly see better results.

Alexia Carney, Director, IT at Capital One

Jean has an uncanny ability to get me “un-stuck” and rediscover momentum. I’ve turned to her in both my past corporate career and my new consulting practice because I know that everything with Jean is actionable and inevitably yields results. Our most recent work has empowered me yet again in a way I never thought possible!

Janice Cunningham, Health Communication, Business and Technology Development Consultant

While I had a 25+ year track record of success in marketing and PR, it wasn’t until I worked with Jean that I figured out what I really wanted to do when I grew up. The work I’ve done with Jean has helped me pinpoint my true professional goals and gaining this laser focus is liberating. Even better, it is equipping me with a single-mindedness that helps me toss out unproductive ways of thinking and eliminate doubts. Jean has challenged me. She has opened my eyes. Above all, she’s made me recognize the person in the mirror as the uniquely talented, highly qualified asset to any organization I already am.

Barb Jump, Advocacy, PR & Communications Strategies

I have hired Jean Stafford on multiple occasions to work as a Career Coach for women within our firm. While I have always held Jean in high regard due to my experience with others that have sought out Jean’s guidance, Jean’s skill in her craft was hammered home recently by one of my employees when they told me, “Mike, all of the good work you see with our client is a direct result of Jean Stafford.” I could not ask for a better partner to help us grow and mentor our employees

Mike Waddell, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at INTEGRITYOne Partners

Jean is a tremendous asset in my personal and professional life. I hired her to help me gain stronger business acumen and improve my professional presence. She has provided much more than that. Jean has helped improve my sense of self-awareness and intentional decision making. It has made a tremendous difference in how I collaborate with both clients and colleagues.

Dana Lacy, Managing Director, Emagine IT

Jean Stafford helped me figure out what I wanted to do next professionally. Her compassion and discipline got me “off the dime”.

Susan Dykstra, CFO at Center for Disaster Philanthropy