Tele-Seminar with Pat Heim “In the Company of Women”

June 10, 2016

Sabotage. Betrayal. Obstruction. A quick word association will cause many of us to conjure up either a flashback to our own high school experience or a scene out of “Mean Girls.” Unfortunately, according to research conducted by author Pat Heim, those words are also used to describe the actions of a segment of women in the workplace. Listen in as Pat explains how indirect or relational aggression can hurt women and hinder them from achieving success. She goes on to share lessons learned from her still-relevant research and tips for stopping this behavior.

In the Company of Women
By: Pat Heim
ISBN: 9781585422234
Year: 2003

Jean's Review

Indirect Aggression Among Women: Why We Hurt Each Other and How to Stop 

“Every working woman will find herself here. This book will make you think, ‘Been there, done that’ or ‘Wish I had known that’ over and over. For any woman who wants to take control of her career, for any managers who want to support the careers of the women on their teams, this book provides the perspective, the psychology and the how-tos.”  Review by B. Kaye 

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