Tele-Interview: Dr. Debra Mandel on her book, Your Boss is Not Your Mother

August 18, 2006

Eight Steps to Eliminating Office Drama and Creating Postitive Realtionships at Work. How do you distinguish an abusive boss or coworker from one who is harmless? Tune in to this informative conversation.

Your Boss is Not Your Mother
By: Debra Mandel, PhD
ISBN: 1932841164
Year: 2006

Jean's Review

The workload at the office can be stressful enough, but add a little drama with co-workers, and it can make work a nightmare. Problem personalities, bad attitudes, and preconceived standards and expectations can make it hard to be at your most productive.   Psychologist and author Debra Mandel has some advice on how to deal with it all.  If you’re the boss, or if you want to be the boss, you should read this book.

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