Tele-Interview: Barbara Stanny on her book, Overcoming Underearning

April 27, 2007

Overcome your money fears and earn what you deserve. Stanny says learn her Five Essential Steps to financial independence and you will gain the confidence to ask for a raise, increase your prices or get a better job.

Overcoming Underearning
By: Barbara Stanny
ISBN: 006081861-1
Year: 2005

Jean's Review

Barbara Stanny tackles a serious issue for women – earning less than they are worth and accepting it as the way it has to be.  Absolutely not!  There are certainly external barriers that hinder women in their earning power, but there is plenty that can be done to get around them. A woman’s self-esteem is directly and powerfully linked with her ability to support herself financially.  Stanny knows that first hand because of her own experience with financial disaster. The exercises are very useful.  I was skeptical of them at first but can tell you I personally discovered some very interesting things about myself by going through them. If you have any sense at all that you could be earning more if you just knew how, read this book.  

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