Interview with Nancy Widmann on her book ‘I Didn’t See It Coming’

January 25, 2008

The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business

I Didn’t See it Coming
By: Nancy Widmann
ISBN: 9780470116456
Year: 2007

Jean's Review

Nancy Widmann was the first woman president at CBS, Inc.  She ran the CBS radio empire for eight years, doubling its profits and was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Then, she got axed in a merger with Westinghouse.  She never saw it coming.

Sophisticated and successful, Widmann was widely admired in the broadcasting industry.  Her “I-didn’t-see-it-coming-moment” has become a valuable treatise on how not to let this happen to you.  This unique career guide explains how to spot dangers, wage a clever campaign of corporate politics, and make sure you see it coming.

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