Interview with Gail Evans on her book, She Wins, You Win

June 27, 2008

Evans has done it again with her follow up to “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman.”  She calls it, The Most Important Rule Every Business Woman needs to know. I agree. Find out how you may be creating your own “ceiling” without even knowing it.

She Wins, You Win
By: Gail Evans
ISBN: 1-592-40025-6
Year: 2003

Jean's Review

The follow up to her New York Times Business Bestseller, Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman, Evans let’s us in a yet another little known secret:  women have what it takes for professional success if only they will use their power collectively.  That means banding together as a team because, says Evans, “Every time a woman succeeds in business, every other woman’s chance of succeeding in business increases.  Every time a woman fails in business, every other woman’s chance of failure increases.”  What’s missing from the professional woman’s play list is support for one another. She further contends this is the book men don’t want women to read because once women start playing together on the same team, they will change the workplace forever.  A very timely topic in view of Senator Hilary Clinton’s withdrawal from the presidential primary race after only month’s earlier being viewed as the de facto democratic nominee.

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