Interview with Evelyn Murphy on her book, Getting Even

July 20, 2007

Why women don’t get paid like men – and what to do about it. Murphy talks about the financial toll the wage gap is taking on women and their families, and she shares the practical steps women need to take in order to get even.  The first step in the process is to reject the myth that wage inequity is a result of reproductive roles and choices. Simply put, women are not being paid fairly because their employers are not treating them fairly. Murphy believes the time has come to put a stop to the rampant discrimination that still exists in the American workplace, and to start working together on a plan to get even.

Getting Even
By: Evelyn Murphy
ISBN: 0743296397
Year: 2005

Jean's Review

Murphy is the former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts and an economist by training. She presents a fact-based examination of the financial losses women incur over a lifetime to the wage gap, debunks the myth that women “choose” to earn less, and exposes the widespread discrimination that’s holding down women’s pay.  She also presents a solution.

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