Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business with Pat Heim, PhD

November 6, 2015

Pat Heim, PhD. returns as a guest on our tele-seminar series to illuminate the latest research findings in Version 3 of her seminal work, Hardball for Women. We read a lot of books for the tele-seminar series and no where else have we found a comparable Secret Decoder Ring for accessing the profound gender differences that playout in the work place and prevent women from  achieving the professional success and satisfaction they deserve. Register on the “Events” page to join the conversation. 

Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business
By: Pat Heim
ISBN: 9780142181775
Year: 2015

Jean's Review

In this constructive, no-nonsense guide, business consultant Pat Heim addresses women executives who, despite technical proficiency, hard work and managerial skills equal or superior to those of their male co-workers, have been passed over for promotions. With co-author Susan K. Golant, she stresses the need for women to study the sports-modeled, competitive culture of men, focused on money and status, and to learn to work according to its rules without betraying their “inner selves.” Using sports jargon and examples, she advises such techniques as attacking a problem–not the person responsible–adhering to team goals and accepting criticism from a “coach.” She also offers valuable tips on positive body language (no tears), dressing and more, and reminds women that “in a man’s world–as in sports–winning is all that matters.” Buy this book



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