A Conversation with Dr. Helen Fisher on The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They are Changing the World

January 28, 2005

Dr. Helen Fisher is an anthropologist at Rutgers University.  For her
books, articles, lectures, and TV and radio appearances, Dr. Fisher received
the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 1985. In this interview she discusses her book, The First Sex.

The First Sex: the natural talents of women and how they are changing the world
By: Helen Fisher
ISBN: 0-449-91260-4
Year: 1999

Jean's Review

As the millennium begins, the world is changing in ways that favor women’s special gifts – their cooperative spirit, patience, intuitive intelligence, their gift for “web” thinking.  And as millions of female baby boomers achieve the biological liberation of menopause, women will begin to wield unprecedented social and economic power.

Fisher pictures what life will be like when women fully express their gender differences and work with men to solve the problems of an epoch more complex than any that humanity has yet experienced.  In business, women will control
vast sums of money and sway political leaders.  In civil society, women’s compassionate thinking will help eliminate societal and environmental ills. In medicine, law, education, and communications, women’s emphasis on the whole rather than the parts will radically alter strategies and goals.  And in sexuality, love, and marriage, women will redefine family and romantic
attachments, expressing themselves in a variety of bold, creative ways, from early adolescence to old age.

Whether you are a man or woman, however well you think you know yourself, this visionary book will make you understand yourself better and see yourself as part of a revolution that, amazingly, has already begun.

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