Bad Girls Go Everywhere. An interview with Jennifer Scanlon

November 30, 2012

The Life of Helen Gurley Brown. Feminist scholar and professor of Gender and Womens Studies at Bowdoin College, Jennifer Scanlon examines the life of longtime Cosmopolitan editor and diva of the New York magazine world.  A woman of fascinating contradictions, Brown carved out her own unique philosophy of pragmatic feminism, a philosophy that defines the lives of millions of women today. Scanlon tracks the collision between sexual politics and commerce, providing new insight into the social forces that shape modern life and impact every working woman.

Bad Girls Go Everywhere
By: Jennifer Scanlon
ISBN: 9780195342055
Year: 2009

Jean's Review

From her first book, Sex and the Single Girl, a bold precursor to Sex in the City, to her editing of Cosmopolitan, the most widely read magazine for women in the world, Brown defied traditional mores to proclaim the rights of unmarried women to happiness. The first woman to publicly say there was another role available in the conservative context of the 1960s, Brown offered American women a revelation that resulted in a revolution. Scanlon tracks the trajectory of her career as a frank, fearless champion for women, from her support for abortion rights to her demands that freedom of choice for women include everything from fashion to politics, showing how Brown has advocated for women while achieving great commercial success. While contemporary 1960s society considered Brown the antithesis of feminist stars like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, Brown pushed for freedom in the office and the bedroom presaging the approaching third wave of feminism.

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