How to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Ever try to have a conversation with someone who has her head stuck in her phone?

A pal of mine recently went to considerable effort to host a family dinner to honor her mother’s birthday. Her 19-year old son had been instructed to turn his phone off before coming to the table to avoid ignoring his family in favor of a digital relationship.

Well, Mom was recently introduced to the seductive powers of a smart phone. Add to that a new boyfriend (at age 78) and text messaging, and suddenly my pal is straining to explain to that Grandma is violating the ‘house rules’ and behaving very badly!

The lesson of the evening: these technological wonders are an equal opportunity Attention Thief. If you think you won’t get sucked in, think again.

Devices have almost become family members. We carry them with us everywhere. (Think about that.) They are designed to be irresistible, to kidnap the attention of the user.

How many times have I thought, “I’ll just check messages real quick to see if anything needs my attention.” Then horns are blaring behind me as I look up and realize I have been sitting at a green light while I “catch up.”

This holiday be present with those you chose to spend it with. You really do have a choice about looking at your devices. And every one of them has an OFF button.

The most valuable gift you can give a person is your attention. And if you haven’t done that in a while, you might find it very challenging. Hmmm – what does that tell you?


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